Emerald Services


At Emerald, we understand that suitable matching is paramount in order to provide the best care to children and young people. As such, we only place children with carers that are able to proactively meet their needs, by both recruiting a range of carers from diverse backgrounds and providing effective and relevant support and training.

We are committed to offering the following types of placements:

  • Short-term
  • Long-term/Permanent
  • Solo
  • Siblings
  • Parent and Child
  • Specialist (complex needs, disability and behavioural needs)
  • Refugees and Asylum seekers
  • Emergency
  • Bridging
  • Staying Put

More services


Respite Provision

In addition to the recruitment of full-time carers, one of our initiatives is the recruitment of carers specifically for the purpose of providing respite care. Having an established pool of respite carers ensures consistency of care for children in care, whilst giving added support and reassurance to our full-time carers.


Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers (UAS)

We work closely with local authorities to provide age assessments as it relates to UAS. These assessments are vital for children that arrive in the UK, whose exact age is unknown or may be disputed, to ensure they are provided with age appropriate support and services. Our holistic assessments are conducted in a sensitive and empathetic manner, in accordance with the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) guidelines.


Emerald Mentoring Network

We have an established mentoring programme through which our more experienced carers provide mentoring and support to newly recruited and less experienced carers.


Training and Development

We use a combination of in-house, external and online training to upskill our carers and address any gaps in knowledge, as per statutory requirements and guidelines. Thereafter, we offer a programme of enhanced in-house training, tailored to our service provision, developed by our psychological and therapeutic support specialist.


Health & Wellbeing Workshops

In response to the demands and challenges of supporting vulnerable children and young people, we offer a variety of workshops to our staff and carers covering a range of mental and physical health and wellbeing issues.


Children and Young People Services

In addition to the provisions included in their care packages, our children and young people are provided with therapeutic support tailored to their specific requirements. Working in partnership with Ofsted approved community programmes, we provide access to education and learning support services. We also provide access to independent living programmes that support the transition of care leavers into adulthood.


Specialist Consultancy Services

We work closely with local authorities to provide psychological support services to children and young people in care, in addition to an advisory service for those working with children in care.