Our Vision

Emerald fundamentally believes that children, especially those in care, do not and cannot grow and flourish in isolation. Engagement in healthy relationships, positive social experiences, and strong support networks, both at home and within the community, are all integral to eveloping resilient, healthy, dynamic and well rounded children and young people.

Therefore, in order to achieve our aims and objectives and fully realise our vision, we adopt a multi-faceted approach to foster care provision that adheres to statutory regulation and guidance whilst also encompassing principles of diversity, cultural competence, enhanced support, education and training and reciprocal
relationships with communities.

Our Principles

“A fully inclusive approach to supporting children cannot be achieved without sufficient diversity of carers; this is essential to ensuring all children in care have the opportunity to cultivate a positive understanding of their background and culture and develop self-esteem.”

Cultural Competence:
“It is not enough to simply acknowledge that differences exist; we also need to understand how those differences manifest themselves and the ways in which they require children’s needs to be met.”

Enhanced Training & Support:
“In addition to bolstering the provision of care, this practice also ensures the retention of highly competent carers, all of which results in the best outcomes for the children in our care.”

Reciprocal relationships with Communities:
“We equip children with the skills and awareness to proactively engage with, and invest back into the community, thus giving them a sense of purpose and self-worth. This reciprocal relationship between the community and children in our care is invaluable in showing that they matter, they do belong, and their contribution is of value.”

For further information please see our Statement of Purpose